Parrot Arrested For Tipping Off Dealers About Drug Raid

A very clever and loyal parrot was detained in Northern Brazil after squawking "mum, the police!" as officers prepared to swoop on a drug den.

The green and white bird eyed police officers circling the property in the low-income community of Vila Irma Dulce, on Monday.

When the cops began to inch closer, the parrot raised the alarm, shouting in Portuguese.

It's believed the feathered lookout had been trained to do one job: alert criminals of a police operation.

The alleged drug dealers couldn't escape quickly enough.

A man and a teenage girl were cuffed at the scene while police allegedly seized crack and marijuana as well as large amounts of cash.

IMAGE: Programas Meio Norte via YouTube

It seems the obedient parrot has since learned to keep his beak closed, not uttering a word to local police despite dozens trying to get the bird to talk.

“So far it hasn’t made a sound … completely silent,” said a local reported, according to The Guardian.

The animal has now been handed over to a local zoo where it will spend the next three months learning how to 'bird' -- which includes being taught how to fly -- before being released.

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The parrot isn't the only animal to be implicated in Brazil's drug trade.

Two alligators were seized during raids on a favel in Rio de Janeiro in 2008, with officers alleging the owner was feeding its enemies to them. That claim was disputed by the father of one of the gangsters who said the gang had tried to do it once, but the animal refused to eat the corpse.