Artist Pretends To Die In Front Of Famous Landmarks In A Bid To Stop Selfies

A hilarious artist is slaying Instagram with a series of photographs where she plays dead in front of iconic world landmarks.

Stephanie Leigh Rose, has created an Instagram account documenting her travels worldwide -- but this photographic portfolio is unlike any other. In the pictures, she lies face down and lifeless on the ground.

Her Instagram page, 'Stefdies', aims to invite viewers to engage and participate in the image.

"The whole point of taking the photograph should be to personally remember the experience, NOT to make sure others are aware of your experience", she says.

Stephanie wants the audience to focus on the background of the picture, rather than the foreground action.

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According to her website, each photo is an “anti-selfie” which strives to get back to the roots of what a photograph was intended to be -- simply a captured moment in time.

The STEFDIES series reminds us we will one day die, like our face-down figure.

The series is not premeditated nor altered.

Stephanie says, "I never set out to “get” a STEFDIES shot, it has to happen organically and come out of an experience I am having".

"It's meant to demonstrate the vulnerability of the human experience and how precarious and precious life is  and how we should appreciate and embrace every day and experience we are lucky to receive".

Locals and tourists walking by are often left amused or confused by the the artists striking pose.

Stephanie hopes to continue doing gallery shows and meeting more STEFDIES fans that attend.

"I’m also looking forward to publishing a series of STEFDIES coffee table books, and adding our STEFDIES tote bags and limited edition prints to the official website".