Police Dog Spiked By 200 Porcupine Quills During Pursuit

A police dog was rushed to hospital after copping more than 200 porcupine quills to the face.

Odin, a police dog for the Coos County Sheriffs Office in Oregon, copped a face full of the quills while tracking a suspect.

He was rushed to animal hospital on Saturday and sedated and treated for more than two hours.

Several of the quills went inside Odin's mouth, deputies said, and two hit near his left eye.

Coos County Sheriff's police dog Odin, a German shepherd, had to be sedated and was in treatment for more than two hours to remove quills from all over his face. Image: COOS COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE/ AP

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Odin was called to help track a suspect with several felony warrants. Authorities said the dog encountered the porcupine in his pathway.

The suspect had fled after being spotted by a deputy in the Barview area along the central Oregon coast, prompting the K-9 track Saturday evening.

Odin's injury put him out of action for a few days, but by Wednesday the sheriff's office reported that he was "healing" and "ready to get back to work".

Photo: Coos County Sherrif's Office.