WATCH: Easter Bunny Throws Punches During Hectic Street Brawl

A man dressed in a giant bunny suit has lept to the defence of a woman who was being attacked in downtown Orlando on Easter Sunday.

Antoine McDonald was bar hopping with friends, dressed for the occasion in a giant Easter Bunny outfit, when he came across a man and woman fighting in the street at about 10.30pm.

While others stood back and watched, McDonald went straight in, dragging the guy off and peppering him with punches.

Police arrived seconds later, dispersing the crowd and putting an end to the fight.

The whole thing was caught on camera, with witnesses quickly uploading footage of the incident to Twitter and Instagram.

One video has notched up more than two million views within days.

Photo: Twitter.

It's understood the brawl broke out when the man bumped into the woman on a footpath.

According to witnesses, the bloke spat at her before they both started swinging.

All involved -- including the bunny -- have escaped charges.

"The officer came up to me and said, 'If you do that again I'm going to arrest you and the damned bunny suit,'" McDonald told local news network WESH.

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In good news, it seems the brawl didn't ruin Easter -- McDonald was spotted club hopping all night, still donning the full bunny kit.

Photo: Twitter.

Happy Easter, all.