Woman Arrested After Caught Dumping Seven Newborn Puppies Into Bin

California authorities on Monday April 22 confirmed the arrest of a 54-year-old woman accused of dumping seven newborn puppies into a Coachella dumpster.

The suspect was identified as Deborah Sue Culwell. She was arrested Monday April 22 by Riverside County Animal Services Commander Chris Mayer at her Coachella home.

Officials say Culwell is facing up to seven counts of felony animal cruelty.

Her home contained roughly 30 dogs that needed to be impounded to make sure they were properly fed and cared for at a shelter in Thousand Palms, according to John Welsh of Riverside County Department of Animal Services.

They believe the case rises to the level of felony animal cruelty.

CCTV shows woman allegedly abandoning a bag full of puppies into a dumpster. Image: Riverside County Animal Services

The woman is shown getting out of a white Jeep, walking over to the bin and tossing the bag (containing seven puppies, about three-days-old) just after 1pm into the trash.

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If not for a passerby hearing the puppies whimpering, they would have faced certain death.

Seven puppies were discovered by a man going through the trash shortly after they were dumped. Image: Riverside County Animal Services

John Welsh, media relations strategist for Animal Services, says the group would also like to thank their rescue partner, the organization MeoowzResQ for “taking care of the pups".