The Amount Of Sugar In A Creme Egg Is Actually Horrifying

Sorry to spoil your Easter, gang, but we have legit health concerns for die-hard Creme Egg fans.

The Easter Bunny arrives in three sleeps and with him -- or her -- comes a truckload of chocolate, filled with a truckload of sugar.

Most will shrug their shoulders, mutter a 'meh' and unwrap another Cadbury egg while thinking, "Who really cares? Easter is only once a year, I can eat what I want."

Well, friends, you should care, especially if that egg you're unwrapping is a Creme Egg, because this is how much sugar is really inside:

IMAGE: The Little Red Hut Home & Gifts via Facebook


That, in between the egg and pile of sugar, is a two pence coin, which is slightly bigger than a 10 cent coin.

Every Creme Egg has 26 grams of sugar, which is about six heaped teaspoons. That's slightly more than a Coca Cola mini can.

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UK mum Rebecca Bilham shared the alarming photo on Facebook last year.

The sky-high level of the white stuff is mainly thanks to the gooey, fondant filling.

IMAGE: Cadbury

According to World Health Organisation guidelines from 2015, adults should consume no more than 25g of sugar a day, for children, that's 19g a day -- less than a single gooey egg.

Eat what you want this Easter, but don't say we didn't warn you.