Someone Is Selling Legit Baby T-Rex Bones On eBay For $4 Million

This is not a drill.

If you have a sizeable chunk of cash sitting alone in a bank account, a baby Tyrannosaurus Rex could be yours today.

The dino's 15-foot body and 21-inch skull belong to archaeologist Alan Detrich, who discovered the bones near Jordan, Montana, in 2013.

After loaning the rare fossilised skeleton to the University of Kansas Natural History Museum for several years, Detrich has now decided to flog it off on eBay. 


The museum isn't impressed with the multi-million-dollar sales pitch. It immediately pulled the skeleton from its exhibit after the listing went up.

In a statement posted to Twitter, the museum confirmed it had nothing to do with the archaeologist's decision.

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"The specimen on exhibit-loan to us has been removed from exhibit and is being returned to the owner," the comment reads.

"We have asked that the owner remove any association with us from his sale,"

The US Society of Vertebrate Paleontology isn't happy either.

In an open letter, the group slammed the decision to sell off the historic bones, claiming it will "undermine the scientific process for studying past life as well as the prospect for future generations to share the natural heritage of our planet."

"Vertebrate fossils are rare and often unique. Scientific practice demands that conclusions drawn from the fossils should be verifiable: scientists must be able to reexamine, re-measure, and reinterpret them," it reads.


It seems  Detrich isn't phased by the outrage -- it also seems that this may not be the first time a dinosaur has been sold privately.

He -- or someone with his name -- claims to have sold another, named Samson, for millions of dollars.

Despite the listing being up for more than a week, no one is yet interested enough to pay the asking price, although there are 2601 watchers.

He's vowed to send the baby bones anywhere in the world with one condition: all sales are final.

He doesn't accept returns, so someone call Ross Geller immediately.