Notre Dame Is Burning And People Across The Internet Are Devastated

Paris' Notre Dame Cathedral is suffering colossal damage in an inferno that has caused its main spire to collapse and people are mourning its loss across the Internet.

UPDATE:  Paris' Mayor has stated that the fire is mostly under control now and firefighters are optimistic that the towers of the cathedral may be saved. However, there are reports that one firefighter has been seriously injured while trying to battle the blaze.

A fire has devastated France's landmark Gothic cathedral, which was first constructed in the 12th Century and is home to priceless pieces of art and history.

The French Interior Ministry have stated that firefighters may not be able to save the cathedral as the fire continues to rage into the night.

Meanwhile, people have taken to Twitter with their images and footage of the devastation, mourning the loss of the intricate and iconic building.

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French President Emmanuel Macron said that he is "sad tonight to see this part of us all burn" and treated the situation as a national emergency, heading to nearby Paris police headquarters for meetings.

Crowds of onlookers began to sing as they watched the building burn from a distance.

The Catholic community have responded with shock and grief to the news. The Vatican have released a statement that the building is a "symbol of Christianity in France and in the world" and asserted their "closeness to French Catholics and the population of Paris".