Heads Up, Grill'd Is Not Serving Any Meat Today

If you're craving a beef patty or a juicy chicken breast, you'll have to find another burger joint because Grill'd is taking a meat break.

For 24 hours, all 137 restaurants nation-wide will only sell plant-based meals in a bid to encourage customers to switch meat for veggies a couple of times a week.

That means there is zero chance of getting your meat fix on Monday.

Why? Because apparently even carnivores deserve a day off.

The company said it had noticed a shift in the way customers are ordering.

"We’ve seen a 10 percent increase in orders for our plant-based burgers", the Grill'd website reads.

"We’ve listened to feedback, had insightful conversations and noticed this trend stretch further than our own restaurant doors".

Their own research shows that two-thirds of Australians aged 18-29 eat meat-free meals — compared with half of those aged 50-65.

So, they've launched a meat-free menu which includes four brand-spanking-new-burgers.

Patties in The Beyond range taste like meat -- apparently -- and hold their form like meat, but are made of pea protein, free from soy, gluten and GMO's.

As expected, the initiative has received a mixed response on social media. Some are straight up annoyed:

Others have welcomed the change:

It's all part of the company's ambitious plan to make 50 per cent of its menu plant-based by 2020.

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As to why they've coined it Meat Free Monday, well Grill'd has answered that:

Meat-lovers don't need to stress though, because the traditional patties will be back on Tuesday.