CBD Chaos: Massive Protest Shuts Down Melbourne

An expected 170,000 people have rallied in Melbourne for better work conditions, the second protest in two days to shut down the city as trade unions push their Change The Rules campaign.

State Premier Daniel Andrews joined countless supporters at the Melbourne leg of the nationwide union rallies.

Premier Daniel Andrews (centre) speaks amongst thousands of protesters at the Change the Rules rally in Melbourne. Photo: AAP

The Melbourne demonstration started at Trades Hall at 10.30am, shutting down multiple city streets as protesters marched through the city.

Workers planned to rally in 14 centres across the nation on Wednesday, but the Melbourne demonstration is expected to be the largest.

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"Today working people across Australia will protest the failure of the Morrison government to deliver secure jobs and fair pay. Working people will call for a change in Government and to change the rules in order to restore the fair go in Australia," the Australian Council of Trade Unions said in a statement.

"We have a crisis of insecure work and low wages in this country and Scott Morrison and his Government are to blame. The Morrison Government has overseen the largest decline in living standards in 30 years."

The union movement had anticipated 100,000 people would attend, but the Victorian Trades Hall claimed on Wednesday morning that the number would be closer to 150,000.

That was later revised up to 170,000.

“Working people are demanding a fair go, this means fair pay rises and more secure jobs. To achieve this, we need to change the rules at work. To change the rules, we need to change the government," said ACTU secretary, Sally McManus.

“These political protests are telling Scott Morrison that for too long our wages have stood still or gone backwards and too many families are struggling– it’s time to change this Government."

“Australia needs a pay rise. We will not sit back and let our living standards go backwards.”

The Melbourne protest comes just a day after vegan activists shut down central parts of the city with their own demonstrations.

Photo: AAP

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