Some Bloke Set Up A Jungle On A Busy Train Because He Could

You see some pretty out there things on public transport these days, but have you ever had to duck a tree in a make-shift jungle just to get off a train?

These New York commuters did.

A tree lover held up a busy rail line in the middle of the city on Sunday night as he dragged his potted beauties into the carriage one by one.

Commuters were forced to sit and wait as the oversized trees -- some of which were those fancy and quite pricey fiddle-leaf figs -- were squeezed into the tiny space.

In a video posted on Twitter, you can actually hear one branch snap as the commuter struggles to fit them all on board.

"People were mostly amused and in awe," Emily Munson, who took the video, told Gothamist.

The conductor waited patiently for the man to get the whole haul into the carriage while commuters clapped when the doors finally slid closed about three minutes later.

"It did annoy the people who couldn’t get on at 34th St and Times Square because there were plants blocking the door", Munson admitted. "I had to duck under one of them to get out at my stop."

Many Twitter users were amused by the whole situation.

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Some users were quick to point out that not one traveller offered to help.

In hindsight, Munson said she should have given him a hand but admitted it wasn't something you see every day.

There's no word on who this tree-lover is or whether his forest made it home safely, but fingers crossed there wasn't too much damage.