WATCH: Thieves Steal Entire ATM Using Digger Nicked From Local Worksite

A petrol station was destroyed after a group of men in masks used an excavator to rip out an ATM machine in Northern Ireland.

CCTV footage shows a group of men wearing masks, tearing through the side of a petrol station with a digger in County Londonderry, Northern Ireland on Sunday.

The man seen operating the machine caused substantial damage to the shop, as the group watched the event unfold and later took off in what appears to be a black mini van.

The digger was allegedly stolen from a building site down the road, which was later dusted for fingerprints by forensics.

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Northern Ireland has experienced a spate of thieves targeting ATMs in recent months.

Shop owner Martin O'Kane told the BBC: "There are going to be less and less ATMs about now because of these attacks. There is one basically happening every week now."

Photo: Twitter.
Eight machines have been stolen in separate incidents in 2019 alone.  Image: ITV News

The perpetrators have not yet been caught, and police are urging witnesses to come forward with any information.