Barsik Is One Of The World's Chunkiest Cats And Needs A New Home

Weighing in at 18.5kg, Barsik is nearly four times the weight of a normal household cat, and he's just launched his weight loss journey in the hopes of finding a healthy, new home.

Let's not tip-toe around the fact that this adorable feline is morbidly obese. So obese, he's literally a world-record contender and the weight of an average five-year-old boy. 

We're not kitten you.

He was surrendered to the Animal Care Centers of NYC last week because his owners,  who were moving house, simply didn't have the space for the monstrous animal.

Neither did the Manhattan shelter.

Barsik is the largest cat to be brought to the organisation in its 20-year history and is too big for their housing, so, the big boy was forced to take refuge in the office area until he could be moved to a foster home run by a volunteer from Anjellicle Cats Rescue.

He's now on a strict, weight-watchers-like program to help him shed serious kilos.

An Instagram page has even been set up, so fans can follow his weight loss journey.

He's in the process of transitioning from kibble to wet food and has his first vet appointment locked in for Friday.


“Once any medical issues are sorted out and we have a vet-supervised weight loss plan in place, we will likely make him available for adoption once he is steadily losing weight and at a safe pace,” Angelique Iuzzolino, Barsik’s foster mum, told VICE.

While Barsik is a seriously big boy, he's not the biggest recorded. That crown goes to Himmy, an Australian cat which weighed in at 21.3kg when it died in 1986.

Himmy had to be transported in a wheelbarrow and was included in earlier Guinness World Record books.

Not surprisingly, the category has since been cut to stop owners from over-feeding their pets.

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Fingers crossed this kitty can get healthy fast so he can find a new family.

We believe in you Big Basik!