Veggie Alternatives May Be Banned From Calling Themselves 'Burgers' In The EU

A European parliamentary revision may ban vegetarian alternatives from calling themselves 'burgers', 'sausages' or 'steaks' with a new labelling proposal.

The Agriculture Committee of European Parliament have called for the name changes, claiming that they are misleading for consumers.

While the Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have failed to land on an alternative name for 'burgers', the term 'veggie disc' has been floated as a possibility.

Companies are increasingly producing vegetarian alternatives for meat products to satisfy vegetarian and vegan demand. These alternative products attempt to mimic the taste and texture of meat as closely as possible.

Vegan sausages. Source: Getty.

Last year, British vegetarian meat company Quorn said it had seen vast global growth in recent years, and was on track to become a billion-dollar business by 2027.

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MEP Éric Andrieu, who headed the drafting of the legislation, referred to the move as "common sense".

However, vegetarian organisations such as ProVeg believe that this may be the work of the meat lobby, referring to the decision as a renewed attempt to "silence the vegetable sector".

Andrieu asserted the meat lobby was not involved and that the names simply required clarification.

The proposal is still yet to pass European Parliament and must do so before being adopted into legislation.

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