'Anti-Abortion' Preacher Shouted Down On Sydney Train

In a heated confrontation on a packed train, commuters have shut down an American preacher who tried to spread an anti-abortion message, telling him to "shut up".

"No-one wants to hear it bro. Be quiet," one young woman told the preacher as he tried to tell passengers about his message.

It was one of the highlights of a strange confrontation on a peak hour train in Sydney, as the man from American church Torch Of Christ loudly addressed a packed carriage.

"Allow me three minutes of your time if you don't mind," Phillip Blair said in footage uploaded to the church's social media page and which appeared to be shot by a supporter.

The Torch Of Christ church preacher tries to address a packed Sydney train

"I want to ask what is the purpose of your life... many of you are hurting and going to the wrong places. We care more about saving the whales than we care about saving our unborn children."

The video uploaded to Youtube was titled "Anti-abortion preaching triggers fierce backlash on train in Sydney, NSW, Australia" -- but Blair is soon shouted down by commuters before he can fully launch into his spiel.

"You have no more right than anyone else... just shut up," one man interrupts.

"Nope, I'm not going to stop because I love you that much," Blair responded.

It led to a standoff stretching several minutes, as Blair argued with several men on the train. Many passengers appear confused and uncomfortable, especially as they notice they are being filmed, covering their faces from the camera and quickly disembarking at the next stop.

10 daily has chosen to blur the faces of the passengers on the train but the original video posted by the church doesn't.

Blair and the Torch Of Christ church travel the world spreading their message, claiming they are "committed to the vision of taking the light of Christ into all dark places."

"This includes anywhere and everywhere that evil has been allowed to cultivate and grow over time which has resulted in high levels of violent crime, occult activity, atheism and unbelief, and reprobate minds."

Blair, in a photo uploaded to the group's Facebook

Preachers from the church have been in Sydney this week, and have uploaded several other videos to the church's social media.

"This is NOT how you share the gospel!" one follower commented on Facebook, in relation to the train video.

In another clip, filmed in the Kings Cross entertainment district, Blair yells at young women dressed for a night on the town.

"You're hurting... You're empty," he yelled at the women.

"We're not hurting, we're happy. I'm full of life," one of the women replied.

Other videos uploaded to the church's social media this week include one titled "Preaching against evolution at Sydney's Darling Harbour".