Daylight Saving Is Ending This Sunday So Remember To Set Your Clocks Back

It's time to listen to Cher again and turn back time.

It's everyone's favourite weekend of the year: daylight saving is finishing and you will get an extra hour of sleep this Sunday!

The clocks across New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, and the ACT will go back an hour at 3am local time, so on Sunday morning, grab the step ladder and fix the only analog clock in your life that's probably in your kitchen.

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Me, on Sunday morning. Image: Imgur/nevillelongbottomcorgi

This also happens to be the perfect time of year to call whoever you know in Queensland and remind them that not having daylight saving doesn't make them special, it just means they complain when everyone else posts about The Bachelor before they've seen it.

Remember -- it's Spring: forward and Fall: back.

(And yes, we know we say Autumn not Fall in Australia but it's a great way to remember!)