Interstate Food And A Giant What?! All The Best April Fools' Jokes Doing The Rounds

The morning of April 1 is always a nightmare to navigate.

There are a whole heap of great new products flying around the 'net that absolutely could be but simply aren't real.

We know that it's April 1 and yet we still get sucked in. Perhaps because we're gullible, or perhaps because we want some of the 'jokes' to be true.

This April Fools', companies from Virgin Australia to Maccas are making a mockery of us all.

Here are the best of the bunch:

The Bureau of Meteorology has announced changes to how rainbows will appear in Australia. Colours will now be in alphabetical order, the BoM claimed.

"This is the biggest change in Australian rainbows since 1975, when we moved from greyscale to colour," BOM spectroscopist Arthur Hamilton said.

Virgin Australia could well take the cake for this absolute gem which has fooled a whole heap of social media users -- largely thanks to the VERY believable ad alongside the announcement.

"Australian foodies rejoice because Virgin Australia is now delivering food from your favourite interstate restaurant, right to your front door!" the post claimed.

"The sky's the limit".

UberEats, you can have your crown back now.

Macca's also jumped aboard the fake train, introducing its brand new McPickle Burger.

"Pickle lovers, it’s the news you’ve all been waiting for," the post on social media read. "It’s time to tuck into juicy, flavoursome pickles layered between melted cheese, ketchup sauce and toasted sesame seed buns."

I'm hating it.

Macca's isn't the only fast food chain to dupe their customers. Mad Mex had a crack with this brand new burrito that promises to guac your world.

It won't because the guacrrito doesn't exist yet, so put your money back into that dwindling house deposit account, millennials.

Groupon is offering up a product that most certainly should exist, especially for a Monday.

"Comes with nap calendar integration, a lavender sleep-mist mode, boss sensor and alarm PLUS a free corporate sheet shirt!"

We wish.

Madame Tussauds claimed to have been given the green light from the "Department of Big Things" to launch Sydney's first ever GIANT figure.

There were four options:

1.  Olympian Ian Thorpe at Bondi Icebergs;

2. Model Megan Gale at Pitt Street Mall;

3. Kylie Minogue in Kings Cross;

4. Home And Away star Ray Meagher in front of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

Click on it and your gullibility will be rewarded with this:

IMAGE: Madame Tussauds

SodaStream has teamed up with astronaut Scott Kelly to spruik a new product which converts excess CO2 into sparkling water on the go. Basically, you just breathe in your own drink to carbonate it.

"When life gives you gas, make SodaStream".

Genius... or not.

Astronaut Scott Kelly spruiking an April Fools product IMAGE: Provided

Sportsbet also announced a collaboration with the NSW Government to launch "Sports Bet Sale" that promises the country's most colourful odds -- a three-year partnership with the Sydney Opera House.

This made me second Dea Poirier's Tweet below: