Brekky Wrap: Mum Gives Birth To Twins A Month After Delivering A Baby Boy

All the news you need to know this Friday.

New Zealand will hold a National Remembrance Service for the victims of the Christchurch mosque massacre, two weeks on from the attacks. Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten will represent Australia, paying their respects alongside leaders from other countries.

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Christchurch Service
Image: Twitter/ Scott Morrison

The Federal Government will pour more than $2 billion into road upgrades around the country in a bid to drive down the road toll. $1 billion of that will be given directly to councils to fix potholes, curbing and lighting. Prime Minister Scott Morrison will make the announcement today.

Breast cancer patients will soon save up to $1500 per scan, regardless of which major party wins the upcoming federal election. The Coalition and Labor plan to subsidise MRI’s – while the government will also add a high-tech full body scan for patients with advanced breast cancer, to the Medicare list.

MRI scans for breast cancer patients will soon be much cheaper IMAGE: Getty

A fire has ripped through a high-rise office building in Bangladesh killing 19 people and injuring about 70 others. The blaze trapped many inside the building -- at least one person fell to the ground while trying to escape the flames.

A Bangladeshi woman has given birth to twins a month after delivering a baby boy, according to the BBC. Arifa Sultana, 20,  was rushed to hospital with stomach pains, just weeks after being discharged with her newborn. Doctors found she was actually still pregnant with twins in a second uterus. An emergency Caesarean was carried out, the infants born healthy.

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British MPs will hold another vote on Brexit within the next 24 hours, but only on part of the deal negotiated with the EU. Lawmakers will vote on the ‘backstop’ divorce bill and citizen’s rights.

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Australian households binned an average of $890 worth of food last year for a total annual wastage bill of $8.9 billion, according to a Rabobank's 2019 Food Waste Report. Despite Aussies slowly improving their habits, the country remains in the world's top five for waste per capita with 86 per cent of households still wasting food every week.

In the AFL Collingwood proved too good for Richmond, taking a 44 point win while in the NRL, St George Illawarra has beaten the Brisbane Bronco’s 25-24.

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