Hangry Woman Served Dodgy Yeeros, Calls 911

A Cleveland woman was served food so "nasty" she skipped the health department and went straight to emergency services.

The woman -- who hasn't been named -- called 911 on March 19, accusing the restaurant Gyro Guys of intentionally serving her a raw chicken gyro.

“Hi, um, can I ask you a question? Can I make a report on Gyro Guys?” she told the dispatcher, according to Cleveland 19 News.

“I think it was like intentionally that they tried to, like, poison me, cause my face is red. They gave me some chicken that was like nasty and raw. They know I like everything well-done and cooked up fresh.”

The dispatcher mentioned that the health department was the best point of call, before offering to send an officer to her home to calm her down, which she refused.

Chicken gyro. IMAGE: Getty

The woman told local media she ended up taking herself to hospital because she was scared for her life. She made a full recovery.

She was offered a fresh gyro, free of charge, by the diner, before being slapped with a ban.

"I told my employees if she comes in we can’t serve her,” Elias Antonakos said.

It's not the first time emergency responders have been called with a food issue.

In 2015, an Ohio woman was jailed for three days after calling 911 to alert them about her under-par Chinese food.

A man in Canada dialled the emergency number last year after he was delivered a cold McDonald's meal by an Uber Eats driver.

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While right here in Australia, ACT Police issued a warning this month for Canberrans not to call the emergency hotline for ridiculous reasons after one caller rang in to report cold fast food, and another asked a Triple Zero responder to message his mate because he had run out of credit.

A REMINDER: Food, no matter how mushy, undercooked or cold it is, is not an emergency.