Orangutans Splash Around In A Bubble Bath At Melbourne's Zoo

The real 'Bubbles'.

It's going to be an absolute splashing moment.

You are invited to see these beautiful creatures up close and swinging into action.

Melbourne zoo have been treating orangutans - Santan, Maimunah and Dewi - to a bubble bath as part of their weekly ritual.

Image: Melbourne Zoo

The orang-utans seem to thoroughly enjoy their bubble bath enrichment, Melbourne Zoo Primates keeper Amy Smith said.

“They really love playing with the bubbles and are really fascinated by the experience,” Ms Smith said.

“The orang-utans have very different personalities, so they each have different responses.

Image: Melbourne Zoo

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Some of them don’t interact at all, but others like to play with it, splash it around, feel the texture on their fingers or even tip the bath over all in one go.”

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Victoria Zoo had launched a campaign #LabelPalmOilAlready after palm oil plantations are the species’ biggest threats -- in the Indonesian island of Sumatra -- leaving 7,500 orangutans remaining in the wild.