LOL Twitter Thread Shows The Most Ordinary Things Ordinary People Have Never Done

Somehow there are a lot of people in the world who haven't done the most basic of basic things like eat an apple, watch 'Friends' or have their luscious locks trimmed by a hairdresser.

All of these fascinating revelations have, of course, come from Twitter.

UK Photographer Paul Clarke posed the question to his followers after admitting he had never, ever eaten at Subway.

His post quickly went nuts, with people around the world sharing things they were yet to experience.

And no, we're not talking sky diving, swimming with sharks or patting a spider -- these are really simple things.

Walmart itself had a ripper response to this woman who admits to never walking through its doors.

And thankfully this poor soul has been offered some help.

While some of these outlandish claims could, in fact, be big fat fibs -- many people have explained their reasoning behind the comments actually making them sound legit.

We asked around the 10 Daily office to see if it carried over. It did.

One reporter said they "have never and will never taste tuna out of a can". Another said they'd never watched The Notebook. One has never worn sneakers outside of the gym.

And one, very bald, shiny-headed editor of ours, claims to have never once brushed his hair, unless doing it with a spatula counts.

So there you go, maybe ordinary isn't that ordinary after all.