Man Hit By Car As He Stood On The Road To Test Wife's Love

A drunk man was hit by a car as he stood in the middle of the road to test his wife's love.

CCTV footage captured a drunk man walking in the middle of the road in Zhejiang province, China, early one morning in a dangerous stunt allegedly to test his wife's love.

According to local reports, the dangerous game of chicken was part of a stunt to see if his wife would save him from oncoming traffic.

The man was hit by oncoming traffic, and ended up in hospital with non life-threatening injuries.

His intention was to have his wife prove her love to him to see if she was willing to rescue him from oncoming traffic, according to The Epoch Times.

The footage shows the husband standing in the middle of the busy road moments before he got hit by a car. Image: Anqing

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Video shows the wife, Zhou, trying to push her alleged drunk husband back to the sidewalk.

“I told him that it’s dangerous on the road, that he might get hit,” Zhou told Chinese media service The Paper.

“I pulled on him many times but it was useless.”

Wife struggles to pull her husband off the road. Image: Anqing

Zhou said she called police after her husband wouldn't move off the road, but shortly after, a car smashed into him.

A large dent was left in the hood of the car.

Pan suffered fractures to his head, chest, and legs.

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