School Grants Father's Dying Wish To See His Daughter Graduate

Given just days to live after being diagnosed with stage four cancer, Mark Patterson's final wish was to see his little girl graduate high school.

Christan Patterson was due to graduate from Lindale High School in May, but doctors told her father, Mark, that he wouldn't live to see the day.

The revelation shook the family.

When the doctor asked what Mark's goal was, Christan's mother Darla Patterson  told KLTV:

He broke down crying and said ‘I just want to see my baby graduate’

To ensure he could experience that special moment, the Lindale community banded together and organised a mock graduation ceremony to be held at the Hospice of East Texas.

IMAGE: Lindale Independent School District via Facebook

Mr Patterson, who worked as a bus driver for the school, was brought out in his bed, where he was joined by Christan's teachers and fellow students.

In a video posted to the school's Facebook page, Christan walks down a path in front of dozens of people, donning a graduation hat and robes.

The father and daughter wave to each other as the ceremony begins.

Darla said her husband would have described the day with a single word: 'amazing'.

"I know my dad is very caring and very loving and he thanks everyone that was a part of this,” Christan told KLTV.

“I’m so glad he’s here with us right now.”

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While it will be a bumpy road ahead for the family, it appears Christan has a bright future ahead of her.

Word is she has been accepted into 11 different colleges.