Priest Stabbed During Live-Streamed Church Service

A Canadian Catholic priest was stabbed in front of dozens of stunned worshippers as he was celebrating mass Friday morning at Montreal's St. Joseph's Oratory.

Montreal police said a 911 call was placed at around 8:40 a.m. local time. When officers arrived at the landmark church, a male suspect was already detained by security guards.

The priest was transported to hospital with “light wounds to the upper body. Image: Salt and Light Media

The service was live-streamed on a Catholic channel. Video shows a tall man in a dark jacket and white baseball cap rounding the altar and charging at Rev. Claude Grou, the Oratory's rector. The man thrusts his right arm toward the priest. Grou runs backward a few steps before the assailant pushes him into a banner.

As screams are heard in the background, a group of people run forward, surrounding and blocking the suspect.

A parishioner said people quickly restrained the suspect, who did not struggle. He said the suspect didn't speak or call out during the attack.

There was no other information immediately available about why the priest may have been attacked.

Police spokeswoman Caroline Chevrefils says the victim suffered minor injuries to his upper body and was taken to the hospital.

St. Joseph's Oratory is among Canada's largest churches, and pilgrims from all over the world are drawn to its domed roof and stunning architecture.