The Hilarious 'Florida Man' Birthday Challenge You Need In Your Life

This latest viral phenomenon has been inspired by some pretty bizarre news stories coming out of Florida.

Odds are a Florida man did something absolutely nuts on your birthday and this weird and wonderful challenge doing the rounds on social media tells you exactly what that was.

It's simple: Type "Florida Man" into Google, followed by your birthdate -- minus the year -- and a legit headline is spat out.

It started off as a Tumblr post but was quickly transferred over to Twitter where it blew up. Fast.

The crew at 10 Daily tested it out and got some hilarious answers:

"Florida Man Beats Up Atm For Giving Him Too Much Cash"

"Florida Man Arrested For Attacking McDonald’s Employee Over Not Getting A Straw"

"Florida Fisherman Reels In Big Package Of Marijuana"

Tens of thousands of Twitter users have jumped on board -- here are some of their best responses.

Honestly, the list is endless.

Turns out the whole "Florida Man" thing actually started way back in 2013.

Twitter user @_FloridaMan has been keeping track of all of these bizarre headlines and is worth a follow.

Some locals have taken offence to this new craze, with one even working to explain WHY the stories out of Florida are so damn strange.

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So there you have it, the Sunshine Law is also giving the world a little sunshine.