Man Tests 'All Leashed Pets Welcome' Policy With Giant Steer

Only in Texas would a man walk a massive steer straight through the front doors of a pet shop to call the store's bluff.

That mans name is Vincent Browning.

He decided to take Oliver the African Watusi into a Petco in Atascocita, Texas, to test out the stores new "all leashed pets are welcome" policy.

A video posted to Facebook shows the Texan leading Oliver through the car park and straight through the front doors.

The staff didn't seem shocked, nor did they turn the duo away, "they welcomed Oliver the African Watusi with open arms".

The video has amassed more than 776,000 views and close to 4,000 shares within four days -- many users impressed with the effort.

"That’s it! I’m quitting my job and working at Petco", said one user.

"Oliver is better behaved than some canines I've seen at Petco", said another.

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Petco responded to the attention, confirming it does, in fact, follow through with its promises.