'An Eyesore': Flintstones House Owner Is Being Sued Over Cartoon-Themed Home

This quirky Flintstones-themed home has captured the world's attention for decades, but neighbours aren't amused -- and now, they're suing.

The Flintstones house in Hillsborough, California, appears to come straight from the town of Bedrock -- with its orange and purple domes, rock-themed furnishings, and scattered animal statues.

But it's not the home of Fred and Wilma Flintstone. It's owned by 83-year-old retired media mogul Florence Fang, and now she's in serious legal trouble, after neighbours reached the end of their tether.

Fang bought the home in 2017 for AU$3.9million and quickly built massive metal dinosaurs, Flintstones figurines, and a massive "Yabba-dabba-doo" sign to dot the front of the property.

IMAGE: FlintstoneHouse280

Local officials have declared it a public nuisance and an eyesore, claiming the modifications to the home went ahead without planning approvals or building permits.

A lawsuit was filed in the State Superior Court last week.

“This process has worked very well for the town and its residents,” Assistant City Attorney General Mark Hudak told the Daily Journal.

“It is not fair when someone circumvents this process and builds without permits.”

According to the suit, the Hillsborough Building Department issued a stop order in December 2017, and again in January and August of 2018, but she never stopped working on her home.

Fang was issued a $200 fine and was told to reverse all landscaping improvements.

While she paid the fine, she again ignored the ruling and left the quirky additions as is.

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“I think the dinosaurs are beautiful,” the owner's son, Sean Fang said in the statement.

“They make everyone smile and should stay.”

For now, the dinosaurs will stay. As for how long for, the court will decide.