John Oliver Roasted Fraser Anning And Paid Tribute To 'Egg Boy'

John Oliver has blasted "hard-line racist politician" Senator Fraser Anning for his comments on immigration following the Christchurch terror attack.

Oliver opened the most recent episode of Last Week Tonight by commending "amazing' New Zealand for showing its strength in the wake of last week's terror attack on two mosques that left 50 people dead.

“The same, sadly, cannot be said for Australia’s Fraser Anning -- a hard-line racist politician and melted candle of Ed Harris," said Oliver.

The comedian quickly shifted gears from praising New Zealand and the leadership of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to absolutely blast Anning, who stated last week that "the real cause of bloodshed" was the country's immigration program.

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It's not the first time the Queensland senator has caught the attention of Oliver -- he was last featured on the show when he proposed a "final solution" to Muslim immigration. 

"And his response to the Christchurch shooting was very much on brand," explained the comedian, before playing a clip that featured the statement written by Anning that attempted to blame Muslims for the horrific attacks.


"Holy sh**!" Oliver exclaimed after playing the CNN video. "That might be the worst possible response to what happened,” he added, saying Anning would have been better off musing about the location of Disney's Duck Tales film.

"I mean you're way off topic there but you're also not calling Muslims terrorists so it's still a better response!" he said.

Oliver then went on to discuss the response to Anning's comments that has reached news outlets around the globe -- the actions of 17-year-old 'Egg Boy', Will Connolly.

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"You might argue that an act like that has no place in politics, and I'm sure Fraser Anning is furious-- he did punch that boy in the face," said Oliver of the moment Anning was smacked in the head with an egg.

But he posited his own theory about the egging, that will no doubt go down in history books, provided in statement form on-screen.

“The real cause of Fraser Anning getting hit with an egg is Fraser Anning saying things that prompt people to throw eggs at him,” Oliver said amidst cheers from the studio audience.

“He may be the victim today, but usually he’s a huge f***ing asshole!" Oliver concluded.

Main Image: This Week Tonight/HBO