Brekky Wrap: Auction Mix-Up Leaves Young Couple With 120-Year-Old Derelict Mansion

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The bodies of the Christchurch terror attack victims will be released to their families over the coming days. The death toll from Friday’s attack stands at 50 -- the youngest victim, Mucad Ibrahim, was just 3-years-old. There are fears that figure could rise with 34 people still in hospital, a dozen in a critical condition.

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Mucad Ibrahim, three-years-old. He was the youngest of the victims. Image: Facebook

Heavily armed police and helicopters will continue to patrol the city this week as many across Christchurch return to schools and jobs in the wake of the attack. They will be stationed at key points – including mosques – to ensure everyone is feeling safe.

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Labor has vowed to spend one-billion-dollars on hospital upgrades if it wins the upcoming federal election. The party will spend money across every state and territory to build new wards, upgrade emergency departments and establish new mental health facilities

New polling days out from the NSW state election shows a swing of up to 6-per-cent against the Berejiklian Government. The YouGov Galaxy poll indicates that the seats of Goulburn and Penrith could be lost by swings of 6.6 per cent and 5.2 per cent respectively. The stadium debate is a key issue.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and NSW Labor leader Michael Daley IMAGE: AAP

A young couple has been left with a 120-year-old derelict mansion after a mix-up with lot numbers at an action. 26-year-old Cal Hunter and his partner Claire Segeren thought they had paid £30,000 -- AU$56,300 -- for a two bedroom apartment in Glasgow to fix up over time, but they accidentally bid on a partially collapsed mansion instead. The couple have decided to take up the challenge and are living in a caravan as they make their new home liveable.

IMAGE: Glasgowlive

Preliminary data from the flight data recorder of the Ethiopian Airlines plane that crashed more than a week ago, shows a ‘clear similarity’ with an earlier crash in Indonesia, according to Ethiopia's transport minister. Faulty sensors and software are believed to have contributed to the incident. The details of the findings are expected to be released within one month.

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A cyclone warning is in place for Queensland’s far north coast. Tropical cyclone Trevor is forecast to intensify to a category two system before making landfall tomorrow. The storm is expected to pack wind gusts of more than 125 kilometres an hour and heavy rain.

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In NSW, there is no end in sight to the rainfall battering the state. Sydney received 43 millimetres in just 24 hours yesterday – Gosford recorded a huge 124mm. Showers are expected to continue for much of the week

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