What We Know About The Christchurch Shooter

The gunman involved in the New Zealand mosque shootings is an Australian citizen.

At first glance Brenton Tarrant appears to be just a regular white guy, from a regular Australian family.

That's how the murderous man allegedly behind the Christchurch mosque shooting describes himself.

As he live-streamed the horrific shootings on Facebook, he identified himself in the video as Brenton Tarrant. His social media accounts have been suspended since the terror attack.

Tarrant in Pakistan. IMAGE: supplied

Tarrant said he came from a working class, low-income family in the town of Grafton in northern New South Wales. His parents are of Scottish, Irish and English descent.

Locals described him as coming from a "well-known family" and attended the local high school.

He worked as a personal trainer after high school at a local gym.

"I'm just completely shocked that he never showed any extremist views or crazy behaviour," his former gym boss Tracey Gray said.

The gym Tarrant once worked at.

Gray said he trained a lot, and that some would say "excessively."

"I cant believe that somebody I had daily dealings with and shared conversations would be capable of something to this extreme," she said.

He left the small regional town in 2011. A co-worker said he "he really wanted to travel."

A younger Tarrant visiting North Korea. IMAGE: supplied

Tarrant's father died when he was a teenager, he is believed to have a sister and mother living in Grafton.

He is known to have visited Europe, South-East Asia and east Asia.

Pictures obtained on social media show Tarrant visiting North Korea and Pakistan.

In a 136-page hate filled-document, Tarrant describes his motives for his alleged crimes. He said he "decided to take a stand to ensure the future of my people".

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The document also outlines various white supremacist conspiracy theories and that New Zealand "was not the original choice for attack".

Police and ambulance staff help a wounded man from outside a mosque in central Christchurch. Image: AP

The document makes claims that the attack was in "revenge" for an attack in Sweden in April 2017, where five people were killed by a truck driven into a crowd.

Tarrant also allegedly announced his plans for the shooting, and pointed to his 'manifesto' and where to watch the live stream of the shooting, on controversial online forum 8chan.

On Saturday morning New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden said none of the alleged perpetrators in custody have criminal records.

She said Tarrant was not a resident of Christchurch but resided in Dunedin. Arden said he lived in New Zealand "sporadically."

On Saturday morning NSW Police said he was not known to local police and had minor traffic offences on record.