Fisherman Jailed For Chopping Tail Off Fish During Competition

A man has been cuffed, charged with fraud and forced to post a $25K bond to get out of jail for cheating in a fishing tournament.

Terry Keith Long of Bridgeport, Texas, was competing in the McDonald's Big Bass Splash on Lake Fork when he allegedly trimmed the tail of a Bass to meet weigh-in requirements.

Here's the deal, on Lake Fork, any black largemouth Bass between 16 and 24 inches long has to be thrown back, no if's but's or maybe's -- any fish hooked outside of those parameters can be kept.

Long was clearly out for the big prize which included cash, a high powered boat and a ute.

Terry Keith Long  IMAGE: Wood County Sheriff's Office via New York Post

But the weigh-in officials noticed that something fishy had gone on and contacted authorities. That was back in 2018.

Wood County's November indictment against Long was unsealed last week, leading to the angler's arrest.

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He has since been charged with fraud, which is a third-degree felony and carries a prison sentence of between two and ten years.

He was released from custody after posting the US$25,000 bond and has been disqualified from the tournament.