What The Hail?! Severe Storms Batter Soggy Sydney

When the Bureau of Meteorology warns of "giant hail", you know you're in for a battering.

"Be careful on the roads on the way home!" BOM NSW warned on Twitter.

Social media proved BOM's predictions were on point.

The BOM warned of four large storm cells in the Sydney area, with one near Penrith and another at Parramatta said to be "very dangerous".

A photo of the Sydney hail, sent in by Jess Page, at Glenmore Park near Penrith

By 8.30pm, the BOM reported huge storm activity covering most of Sydney. The State Emergency Service reported more than 350 callouts across the state, with trees down and leaking roofs.

Endeavour Energy said at 8pm that 8650 homes state wide were without power, including 4000 in the Illawarra region and 2100 in the Macarthur.

Despite being urged to take caution on the roads -- given the forecast deluge of up to 45 mm of rain -- many reached for their phones and recorded the weather event happening right in front of them.

One commuter's video captured in south-western Sydney shows the hail storm pounding the vehicle and other cars pulled over to the side of the road.

Perhaps they were too late to heed warnings issued by SES.

“Move your car undercover and keep clear of creeks and storm drains,” the SES tweeted.

Parts of south-west Sydney including Narellan, Cobbitty and Camden copped the first hail, with more imminent across much of the NSW coast.

About an hour later it was north west Sydney's turn, with some backyards turning white from the sudden and intense hail.

The weather affected the airport, with flights delayed and diverted.

The heaviest  storms are expected during the commute home and into the evening across the eastern fringe of the city.

IMAGE: Zahra Nasiri shared this from Bella Vista, Sydney.

One driver appears unperturbed by the rising waters, continuing to use the drive-thru at Hungry Jacks.

Emma Smidty filmed large hail storm in a suburban Sydney street writing "this has to be the biggest hail I’ve ever seen. What the hell, Sydney?"

On Saturday and Sunday there is a chance of showers, with up to 6mm of rain.

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The NSW State Emergency Service said it had received 60 call-outs this afternoon across Sydney and Goulburn, as of 6pm.