Robber Returns Money After Seeing Victim's Account Balance

A thief with a sense of shame sheepishly returned money to a woman he robbed after seeing that her bank balance was at zero.

CCTV captured a man with a knife approaching a woman at an ATM at a bank in the Chinese city of Heyuan.

CCTV: Man asks to see victims account balance. Image: TVSN1 / Shanghaiist

Despite the criminal beginning to the encounter, the man has actually even been praised by some online for what he did next.

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After woman withdrew 2500 yuan (approximately AU$525), the thief demanded she give him more.

He demanded to see the remaining balance on the ATM -- but after noticing her bank account was at zero, he did something no thief would usually think to do.

Her gave her money back.

The victim contacted authorities, who still arrested the perpetrator, despite his act of kindness.