'Investigation Launched' After Rat Gets Stuck In Ticket Machine

Commuters received a huge shock on Tuesday when a rodent was discovered inside the coin dispenser of a MetroCard vending machine at a New York subway station.

The trapped pest was filmed scurrying around the tiny pocket, trying to lift the plastic cover to escape the ticket machine.

The 10-second video posted on Instagram:

The video has since gone viral with social media users very quick to respond: "Keep the change ya filthy animal", one said.

"Omg...I’m never not looking at that slot before buying a card again." said another.

The MTA has since launched an investigation.

“This is very troubling and we’re looking into how it could’ve happened, including the possibility that someone may have planted it,”  MTA spokesman Andrei Berman told the New York Post. 

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“This is clearly an anomaly and the recent Subway Action Plan, Group Station Manager program and deep clean program have been helping to get stations significantly cleaner.”

The takeaway from this story? ALWAYS check a dispenser before you stick your hand in there.

You're welcome.