Residents Of One Of The World's Most Instagrammed Streets Demand Gates To Keep People Out

Lined with gorgeous pastel-painted houses and overflowing flower boxes, this picture perfect Parisian street is an Instagrammers dream, but its become a resident's nightmare.

The weathered cobblestone street near Bastille is now one of the most popular selfie sights in Europe (according to many travel blogs and destinaton websites).

Influencers, yogis and fashionistas from around the world flock to the tiny street to take that perfect picture.

In fact, it's so popular that the hashtag "Rue Cremieux" has amassed more than 30,000 photo's on Instagram.

But residents have had enough.

They've called for the City of Paris to install gates, to lock out the pesky crowds.

"On weekdays it's okay because they're tourists, they're not too disturbing," Rue Cremieux resident, Antoine, told FranceInfo.

"But at the weekend, it's 200 people under our windows, we have the table here, and the people are right next to them taking their pictures.

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"You have rap clips that are being filmed for two hours under our windows, you also have bachelorette parties that scream for an hour, frankly it's exhausting," she said.

It's gotten so bad, another local resident has created Twitter and Instagram accounts with the tagline "sh*t people do re Cremieux", just to show the world what actually goes on outside their front door:

According to locals, things generally get out of hand on the weekends, and at sunset and sunrise when the lighting is at it's best.

There's no word yet on whether authorities have come up with a solution to the escalating issue, but some residents are hoping something is done before summer.