Science Has Officially Given Us A Reason To Take A 49-Minute Nap

Nappers, you're in luck. A new study has found an afternoon kip is just as effective as taking a pill to lower blood pressure.

Researchers in Greece conducted a trial involving 212 people, all aged about 62-years-old, a third of which smoked and/or had type two diabetes.

The data found a daily 49-minute nap led to a drop in systolic blood pressure readings by about 5mm Hg.

That's about the same change seen when a low-dose blood pressure drug is taken.

On top of that, the study  found that for each extra hour of napping, the average 24-hour systolic blood pressure is lowered by 2 mm Hg

An optimal blood pressure level is a reading under 120/80 mmHg. Image: Getty.

"These findings are important because a drop in blood pressure as small as 2 mm Hg can reduce the risk of cardiovascular events such as heart attack by up to 10 per cent," said Cardiologist and one of the sty's co-authors Manolis Kallistratos.

"Based on our findings, if someone has the luxury to take a nap during the day, it may also have benefits for high blood pressure," he said.

The study is the first to look at the link between a midday snooze and blood, the results will be presented at the American College of Cardiology's annual conference on March 18.

According to the Heart Foundation, close to six million Australians have high blood pressure, of those, two-thirds are not taking medication to manage it.

This research could help change the quality of life of millions.

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So, not only is a kip free, it feels great and it's good for you.

Get napping.