Brekky Wrap: Mother Thought Husband Was Cheating, Allegedly Drowned Daughter

All the news you need to know this Friday.

Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said he was dumped by his own party because he was on track to win the 2019 election. The extraordinary claim was made during an interview with the BBC where Turnbull labelled the most recent leadership spill a "peculiarly Australian form of madness".

Labor's plan to lift the annual humanitarian refugee intake could cost morethan $6 billion over a decade. Figures will be released by the Coalition on Friday. Scott Morrison is expected to challenge Opposition leader Bill Shorten to reveal the full cost of the plan, including healthcare, education, housing and welfare payments.

The heads of Commonwealth Bank and Westpac will front a parliamentaryinquiry in Canberra on Friday to explain how they’re responding to damning royal commission findings. The CEO’s will be grilled by MP’s.

A mother allegedly drowned her three-year-old daughter after becoming convinced her husband was cheating. The 36-year-old allegedly held her daughter underwater in October 2017 in Hampshire, England before putting her on her bed. The girl's grandmother discovered her body, hair still wet, the next day. Paramedics rushed the child to hospital but she was unable to be saved. The mother wept in court as the hearing into her daughter's death was carried out but she has denied she murdered her daughter. The trial continues.

The little girl was allegedly drowned by her mother. Image: Facebook/ITV News

The Land and Environment court is due to decide if the Sydney FootballStadium can be knocked down. A community group and the Greens are fighting to have the work put on hold until an appeals court can hear the case.

A bill has passed Victoria’s upper house that would allow police to collect DNA from anyone suspected of committing serious crimes without going to court. The government argues it could have officers crack tens-of-thousands of unsolved cases.

The former personal lawyer of US president Donald Trump is suing the Trump Organisation for unpaid legal fees. Michael Cohen argues the organisation owes him millions of dollars.

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Fresh claims have been levelled against R Kelly. A woman has come forward alleging the R&B singer sexually assaulted her when she was 13. It's the latest in a long string of allegations made against Kelly but he's denied all the claims.

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