Residents In Shock As Green Snow And Ice Appear In Russian Town

Green snow, icicles and puddles have appeared in a Russian town, with residents concerned it is linked to a local power plant.

Residents in the Russian town of Pervouralsk have recently posted on social media video clips and photographs which they say are worrying them - green patches of snow andgreen icicles hanging from the roof.

One clip shows Arina, a four-year-old girl, curiously looking at the green patch near her home.

Patches of green snow and ice worry residents in a Russian town. Image: Natalya Solovey

Her mother, Natalya Solovey, who filmed the video, told Reuters Arina had started coughing and showed some allergic reaction after that video was taken.

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Pervouralsk residents think green snow caused by pollution leaks from the local plant Russian Chrome Chemicals 1915.

Residents believe the green snow is because of pollution leaks from a local chemical plant. Image: Reuters

But the company denies this, saying it is not exceeding pollution limits and doesn't believe there's a negative effect on the health of people.

"The plant's accredited eco-analytical laboratory and the state service for hydrometeorology and environmental monitoring found that it did not exceed the permissible concentrations of any pollutants, including chromium," the Russian Chrome Chemicals 1915 spokesman Vsevolod Oreshkin told Reuters in the email.

Oreshkin added that there are other factories operating in the same area.

Residents say this is not the first time they have seen green snow.

In 2016, they saw similar patches of green snow and ice after an accident at a different plant.