Toilet Paper 'Shortage' At School Worries Parents

Children at Oran Park Primary School are "holding it in" and avoiding going to the toilet due to "filthy" bathrooms and an alleged school-wide toilet paper shortage.

Parents of children attending Oran Park Public School told 10 daily they're worried about kids contracting bladder infections and other serious health conditions due to the poor state of bathrooms that have caused children to forgo using the toilet.

Parents in a private school Facebook Group claim the school asked them to supply their children with two packets of tissues, hand soap and wet wipes.

A mother, whose child attends the school described the bathrooms as "disgraceful" and said she regrets ever sending her child there.

She told 10 daily that children had complained of urine and mud on the floor and occasionally feces on the toilet seat.

She reported the issue to both the local council and Department of Education.

"They're stripping our kids of basic human rights. We're not in a third-world country," she said.

"I regret sending my child here. What's the education like if basic hygiene is so bad? If there are toilets, you need paper. It's not rocket science," she said.

The mother said another parent complained her daughter was left stranded with no toilet paper to wipe her bottom and had to return to class with feces in her underwear.

She said children were also limiting their consumption of liquids to avoid going to the bathroom.

However, the mother, who wished to remain anonymous, said the school should be looking at other options to solve the toilet paper shortage such as single-use dispensers or actively monitoring and topping up toilet paper when it gets low.

"The toilets are like a carnival. I'm worried about hand, foot and mouth disease, gastro and other diseases that could spread from feces, especially for the little girls who could get urinary tract infections," she said.

Oran Park Public School was contacted for comment and referred 10 daily to The Department of Education, who has been contacted for comment.