Brekky Wrap: A Town Sold A Family's Beloved Pug On eBay To Pay Off Debts

All the news you need to know this Friday.

Summer may be over, but the heatwave gripping Victoria and South Australia aren’t going anywhere. A health alert has been issued as the mercury soars to 37 degrees in Melbourne, 40 in Adelaide. There are expected to be delays on public transport systems on Friday while fire crews are on high alert.

The identity of Lawyer X will be revealed on Friday. The lawyer’s information helped convict hundreds of Victorian gangland criminals and drug traffickers. The scandal is now the subject of a royal commission.

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North Korea has rejected US president Donald Trump’s account of why the summit on denuclearisation collapsed on Thursday. While Mr Trump claimed Pyongyang wanted all sanctions against the nation lifted entirely, North Koreas Foreign Minister said the country made a ‘realistic’ proposal, but the US simply wanted too much.

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Image: Reuters

A new licensing scheme is now in effect for music festivals in NSW. The 14 events deemed to be high risk by the state government, will have to apply for a new license. It comes following a string of drug-related deaths.

A woman and boy are recovering in hospital after being attacked by a dingo on Fraser Island. The 24-year-old woman and nine-year-old boy suffered cuts to their arms and legs. Both were airlifted to Sunshine Coast University Hospital in a stable condition.

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A German town is facing legal action after seizing a beloved pug and selling it on eBay. Officials took Edda from her family due to unpaid taxes, and sold her online. Now the pup's buyer is threatening legal action after being forced to pay medical bills of more than $2,000 despite being assured Edda was healthy.

Edda the pug IMAGE: Mikko Schimmelfeder/AP

The lead investigator into the disappearance of NSW boy William Tyrrell has been taken off the investigation. Detective Chief Inspector Gary Jubelin was stood down amid allegations of misconduct. Three-year-old William vanished from his grandmothers home in Kendall in 2014.

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Detective Chief Inspector Gary Jubelin. Image: AAP

New data has revealed female chief executives earn $162,000 less than their male peers. The study from Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre in WA estimates women won’t match the number of men employed as Chief Executives for up to 80 years.

Six players will learn their fates today when NRL boss Todd Greenberg hands down punishments for a number of off-field issues. St George Illawarra player Jack de Belin was the first to be stood down under new rules, he's fighting an aggravated sexual assault charge.

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