Drunk Russian Sailor Crashes Cargo Ship Into Bridge

Onlookers have captured the moment a ship crashed into a road bridge in South Korea, as cars skid to a halt just metres away.

The Russian cargo ship -- a 6000-ton Seagrand -- collided with the Gwangan Bridge in Busan, South Korea, around 4pm on Thursday. It is unclear what led to the crash, but local media reported the coast guard found the captain of the ship to have a blood alcohol level of 0.086.

The legal limit to operate a ship in Korea is 0.03, but it is unclear if the captain was actually at the helm of the vessel at the time of the crash.

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The blood alcohol level limit to drive a car on a full licence in Australia is 0.05.

Photo: Instagram

Video of the bizarre crash was shared on social media, showing the large ship powering slowly toward the bridge as cars travelled across it, oblivious to the huge vessel coming directly towards it.

As the ship comes closer to the bridge, some cars stop suddenly before the impact zone, while others speed across.

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The ship appeared to stop its propellers shortly before colliding with the bridge. The main body of the ship passed under the bridge safely, but a large metal structure at the stern of the ship -- standing many metres above the deck -- is snapped off as it smashed into the concrete bridge.

Photo: Instagram

Later footage showed the boat speeding away from the scene, pursued by a small white boat -- presumably the coast guard.

"Russian ships running away," one person wrote on social media, alongside footage of the vessel heading out into the open ocean again.

The Korean coast guard said the ship had arrived in the city of Busan on Wednesday morning, unloading a cargo of iron pipes and then picking up a shipment of steel coils.

It was reported the vessel had also collided with a cruise ship just minutes prior to hitting the bridge,

Korean news outlet Yonhap reported that damage was caused to the lower part of the bridge, which was closed off for safety checks, but that no injuries were reported.