Two Hot Air Balloons Land On Main Road And Backyard In Melbourne

Passengers and crew have escaped injury after two hot air balloons made emergency landings in Melbourne's east. 

Eight people were on board the balloon that landed in the backyard of a home on Terrara Road at Vermont South just before 8am on Monday.

Resident Christine Taylor said she heard a "sound like thunder" from her bedroom as part of the balloon came crashing over her back fence.

"I heard the cracking first ... I didn't know whether it was a big tree coming down, an earthquake or thunder," she told reporters.

"The next thing I see is a red and white mass coming towards me."

About the same time, a second balloon carrying nine people landed near the intersection of High Street Road and Eastlink at Wantirna South.

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One balloon landed near the intersection of High Street Road and Eastlink at Wantirna South. Image: 10 News First

According to a CFA spokeswoman, it landed at the wrong spot in a paddock but did not crash.

"Noe one was injured in either incident," Ambulance Victoria said in a statement.

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Featured image: 10 News First