Woman Arrested After Snowball Fight Gone Wrong, As She Attempts To Run Over A Group

A driver in Seattle allegedly accelerated towards a group of bystanders when they threw snowballs at her car.

At around 8pm on Sunday in the city's Capitol Hill neighbourhood, the woman allegedly drove towards the group after someone hit her jeep with a snowball.

Driver arrested for reckless driving, DUI after her Jeep sped toward pedestrians. Image: Joey Wieser

A bystander captured the whole incident on camera showing the woman accelerating towards the group.

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The video shows the car approaching the group standing on the side of the road. It then shows a woman get out of the car and attacking a man who hit her car with the snowball.

She told KOMO News she was only trying to scare the group after her vehicle was hit by several snowballs. Image: Joey Wieser

In the video, she can be heard saying the man who threw the snowball threw the first punch. Bystanders tried to refrain her from attacking anyone else.

"Yeah you hit me, you threw the first punch dumb ass," she said.

The woman who has yet to be been identified.

She is now facing DUI and reckless driving charges.

She was released from jail on Monday.

Feature image: Joey Wieser