Barking Mad: A French Town Just Banned Dogs From Barking, Kinda

Dog owners in Feuquières, northern France, will be slapped with a $AU108 fine if their pooch won't stop barking.

The mayor has simply had enough.

Jean-Pierre Estienne says the constant barking has created an "unbearable situation" in the tiny village of just 1,400.

"The goal is not to ban dogs, and we won't be fining people for any dog that bark," Mr Estienne told French newspaper Le Parisien.

"The town has nothing against dogs, but when we decide to have them, we educate them," he said.

IMAGE: Paul Sierra/Getty

Fed up residents started yapping to police about the ongoing issue last year, but when officers said they had bigger fish to fry, the local council stepped in.

The decree was passed earlier this month with the crackdown taking effect on Monday.

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Owners are being encouraged to keep their furry friends inside when they're not home and to use anti-barking collars.

IMAGE: Fernando Trabanco Fotografía/ Getty

Animal rights activists have hit out at the new laws, claiming they're barking mad.

“You may as well stop church bells ringing on Sunday morning," Stéphane Lamart, president of For the Defence of Animal Rights, told Le Monde newspaper.

"If dogs have mouths, it’s so they can bark,” he continued.

He's vowed to launch an appeal with the local court.