Pot Smokers Stumble Upon Abandoned Overweight Tiger In House

A large tiger found in an abandoned southeast Houston house is on its way to a new home Tuesday morning.

Police in Houston, Texas are searching for the owner of a tiger who was found in an abandoned home.

Officials said two people went to smoke marijuana in the abandoned home and discovered a tiger inside there.

Sgt Jason Alderete: he probably weighed 1000 pounds. Image: KHOU

The Houston Police Department and the Livestock Animal Cruelty Unit arrived and found a 350-pound female tiger inside a cage that was not large or sturdy enough for the large animal.

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Officials said they found several packages of meat with the animal.

Sgt Jason Alderete: "they were going to going to this vacant house to smoke marijuana and they were greeted by a large tiger." Image: KHOU

Police said the two residents called 911 and were questioned to see if they really saw a tiger or if it was the effects of the drugs.

Officials said the tiger was friendly but still was tranquillized for safety reasons as they moved her from the home over to BARC's animal shelter headquarters.

The tiger will be going to an undisclosed animal sanctuary in Texas.