Hangry Customer Rampages Through Restaurant

A very irate customer smashed the front windows of a restaurant because they were out of beef patties.

Police are looking for a woman who they said flew into a rage after being told an eatery had run out of beef patties, and responded by using a baseball bat to smash the restaurant’s front windows.

This angry customer smashed through the windows of the restaurant because they were out of Jamaican beef patties. Image: CBS

Police said the incident with the customer happened on January 15 just after 4pm at the Back Home Restaurant on East 169th Street in the Foxhurst section of the Bronx.

Investigators said the woman came back with an aluminium bat and smashed the store’s window and glass front door before running off.

Restaurant owner: "the customer returned with an aluminium bat causing more than $2,000 in damage". Image: CBS

“If something could do something like that over a beef patty, they’re capable of doing something else,” restaurant owner Simone Johnson said.

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“She threw the money at the employee… and she grabbed the bag out of her hand and walked out.”

Johnson said the woman returned a few minutes later… this time with her weapon. The disgruntled customer reportedly caused more than $2,000 in damage.

Restaurant owner: "If something could do something like that over a beef paddy, they're capable of doing something else."

“I had to call in an emergency glass repair company. They took the measurements that night. They came the next day,” Johnson told CBS2’s Matt Kozar.

Luckily, no one was hurt during the woman’s rampage.

Johnson said the woman has ordered from the restaurant before but doesn’t know her name.