Brekky Wrap: The Graphic Moment A Hockey Player Loses His Teeth During Game


The Aged Care Royal Commission will hear from its first witnesses in Adelaide on Monday. The inquiry was sparked by shocking allegations of abuse and neglect. Over the next year, commissioners will work to determine the extent of inadequate care across Australia’s aged care industry.

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The Royal Commission into aged care will hear from its first witnesses. Image: Pixabay

The Federal Government has pledged $78 million to help thousands of women and children escaping domestic violence and to find a safe place to sleep. The bulk of the money will go to organisations, so they can create more emergency housing.

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Scott Morrison’s approval rating has lifted, but the Coalition continues to trail Labor in the latest Newspoll. The opposition leads 53-47 two-party preferred.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison's approval rating has lifted. Image: AAP.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten will receive a security briefing on Monday regarding the consequences of a crossbench bill on medical transfers from Nauru and Manus Island. Under proposed changes, doctors would be given a greater say over whether sick asylum seekers should be transferred to Australia. It's a move the government believes would damage border security.

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A hearing begins on Monday to determine whether police raids at two Australian Workers’ Union offices were legal. Journalists arrived before police in October 2017, thanks to a tip-off from the office of Senator Michaelia Cash.

One hockey player got a brutal reminder to always wear a mouth guard after his teeth flew out of his mouth during a game on Sunday. Calgary Flames player James Neal was hit in the mouth when Canucks defenseman Alex Biega tried to wack an airborne puck. He missed and hit Neal clean in the mouth, knocking at least three teeth out in the process. The referee was forced to pick up the teeth from the ice, Beiga was penalised and Neal, after a little medical treatment, returned to the ice.

Hockey Player Loses Teeth
The player lost at least three teeth. Image: Twitter/ Blake Steck

Disgraced entertainer Rolf Harris has reportedly been placed under house arrest by his own family after he was spotted wandering into a school while on probation.

A new study has revealed daily doses of Vitamin C could help tackle type 2 diabetes. Just 500 milligrams, twice a day, can help lower elevated blood sugar levels.

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