Holy Sh*t A Big Crowd Turned Up Just To Watch Winx Walk Around

What is it about Winx?

Hundreds of fans came from far and wide and gathered at Royal Randwick on Saturday morning, just for a chance to see the mighty mare just do a lap of the track and maybe get a photo with her.

Why? The autumn carnival hasn't even begun.

Sure she's won 29 races straight and that's an amazing achievement but what is it about this horse that has a nation and maybe even a planet spell bound?

I decided to go along to breakfast with the "Magic Mare" this morning to try and find out what it is.

Winx looks on after an exhibition gallop at Royal Randwick Racecourse on February 09, 2019 in Sydney,. IMAGE: Getty Images

The first thing you notice, which caught me off guard when you see her up close, is there's a certain look she gives you, she throws a deep stare. Yet, it's not just at you it’s at everyone -- and boom instantly from that moment on she has you under her spell.

It's a strange experience.

It's not her physical appearance as you might expect, although Winx is a beautiful, powerful-looking horse, it's that "intelligent stare" as one of her strappers put it to me, that cuts through.

And you don't need to be a racing person to feel its effects.

Winx is undefeated. So what? By itself, that really doesn’t impress the casual observer.

Hugh Bowman on Winx. IMAGE: Getty Images

But those wins are in fact just a by-product of her hard to define "specialness" says the mare's jockey.

Hugh Bowman has been aboard her more than anyone.

"She's a very uncomplicated horse, the attention doesn't faze her, she takes it in her stride. There's no nonsense with her, she's all about business she just gets on with it." said Bowman.

Fair enough, but I'm still one the wiser.I approached her trainer Chris Waller, he’ll know what it is. He got an inexplicable lump in his throat and started almost blubbering at the mere mention of the mare.

"I am very proud, I get very emotional when I talk about her and things like that, she's our darling, just an amazing horse," said Waller.

Trainer Chris Waller talks to the crowd as Winx prepares for an exhibition gallop at Royal Randwick Racecourse. IMAGE: Getty

"It's something I’ve never trained for, to be working with a superstar sports icon of Australia or even around the world she's admired, with that comes a bit of pressure."

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But Chris what is it about her? I need to know.

"Um ... she just does things that are not possible for horses. It's a very competitive scene the racing scene in Australia and for a horse to come out and win every start," he said.

"She makes us all look good. Her ability to overcome all those different scenarios that you see in any sport "the bounce of the ball" and she does it time and time again.”

Winx walks in the indoor horse stalls in front of fans. IMAGE: Getty Images

Winx fans were like hysterical school girls at a pop concert on Saturday, totally infatuated with their idol.

"She gives me a wink every time she goes past me. We've got a relationship going on," Michael Yager said .

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"She's like Buddy Franklin in footy. Everyone loves a good show. She's stunning. You can’t help but feel moved, she's up and about you can tell she just loves it." fan Hamish Klemp said.

There’s still a job to do for Winx and today was all about getting out the butterflies and showing her fans some love.

Winx returns from a spell next week for the first race in what is almost certainly her final campaign.

She will be looking for win number 30 in a week's time in the Apollo Stakes at Royal Randwick.

No doubt she will make her fans sweat it out, but then romp home as always.

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