Here's A List Of Aussie Faves Downsized Over The Years

On Thursday we received heartstopping news from Cadbury, their family blocks are shrinking by a whopping 20 grams.

That means we, the consumers, will be missing out on exactly 4.651 standard squares of chocolatey goodness when the new blocks roll off the production line.

As expected sugar addicts among us were furious, not just at the constantly shrinking block, but at the constant downsizing.

So 10 Daily has compiled a list of goodies that are now much smaller than they used to be.


These famous Aussie staples got the chop in 2015. Freddo's fell from 15g to 12g while the Koala shared a similar fate dropping from 20g to 15g -- a huge 25 per cent smaller.

IMAGE: Twitter via Magicandrew


Yep, even these family faves can't escape.

Arnott's shrunk their multipacks of BBQ and Pizza Shapes from 10 snack bags to just eight, in 2017. While Choc Chip Tiny Teddy packs dropped from eight to seven.

But this downsize came with a price hike of 10c per unit.

The nerve.

IMAGE: Twitter via StrayDuckies


This one hit where it hurts the most.

The beloved Weet-Bix value pack doesn't seem to offer up much value anymore, the pack was slashed from 1.5kg to 1.2kg just this year.

The switch has been labelled 'un-Australian'.

How many do you do?


This was a staple at the swimming pool kiosk as a kid, but Nestle cut the tail off of these sugary snakes in 2014, taking them from 47g to a measly 24g.

People weren't happy:


These indulgent desserts have also made the list after Streets shrunk the Magnum classic, almond, white, peppermint and honeycomb crunch ice-creams from 117ml to 107ml.

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IMAGE: Facebook via Magnum


Once-you-pop-you-can't-stop -- until you get to the bottom of the much smaller can if you're lucky because you can't even fit your hand in it anymore.

The can size mysteriously became much thinner in 2016, and was stacked on supermarket shelves among the original despite it being about 16g lighter.

It was thanks to the factory shifting from the US to Malaysia.

Not a true depiction of the size change but you get the gist IMAGE: Facebook via PringlesDownUnder


Believe it or not, stubbies are also a victim of downsizing.

Carlton Dry bottles are now fitted with ring pull caps instead of twist tops.

What does that mean? You got it, they now hold just 330ml -- that's 25ml less than the original.

In most cases, the prices haven't changed, or have only reduced a little, giving buyers less bite for their buck.

We can expect to see a lot more downsizing to come too, companies around the world say they're struggling to deal with rising production costs.