Townsville Locals Pull Together After Deadly Floods

On a street in the Townsville suburb of Hermit Park, the water is rib high.

For some, this is still too difficult to navigate but for a couple of locals it was a road nearly worth swimming down.

"We managed to save a lot our furniture using inflatable pools so we're just looking to get it out now because it's getting pretty mouldy, it's getting bad in there,” said one local, called Monica.

Finding anything dry is a miracle.

A boat washed to the side of a road on a Townsville street (Image: 10 News First)

And the pools worked.

"It's completely dry, thousands of dollars worth of our stuff, saved by a 15-dollar inflatable pool.”

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There are two scenes in this flood-ravaged city right now.

There are streets still flooded and homes inaccessible.

A few blow up pools from Kmart saved books, photo albums, precious belongings. (Image: AAP)

And then there are streets that are starting to dry out -- and when the waters recede, the cleanup begins.

Front lawns are strewn with piles of soggy carpet and mouldy lounges.

Clothes are drying on front fences, and cars still submerged.

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This flooding crisis is far from over here. But somehow, most people are still smiling.

“Everyone just hooks in and helps out, people will always be worse off but there'll be people there to help them out,” said local Kylie Mcilroy.

Someone even called it “a good flood” because that’s what Queenslanders are like.

Featured image: Image: NQ Community Support/Facebook